Best motorcycle pants for summer

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Best motorcycle pants for summer

best motorcycle pants for summer


Summer is coming, good weather and already there’s not enough time to go out on our “ride”. Winter just drags on! So we’re going to compare the best motorcycle pants for summer that you can currently buy.

Well, as we always tell you: when going out in summer and the heat is on, being well geared up will allow us to be more protected and more comfortable and will provide a very good airflow. We have put together a list of the best motorcycle pants for summer, choose from the best of the best for being well protected and nice and cool in the summer months



Similarly, we’re looking for a garment that isn’t too heavy and this is achieved by using textile materials. Abrasion resistant fabrics are used, made with special material, reinforced in the most exposed parts.

Most bikers know that helmets, gloves, and boots are essential riding equipment, but they neglect to purchase proper motorcycle pants. Kevlar motorcycle jeans with armor and other types of motorcycle-specific pants are integral in protecting vital areas of your body in unexpected shocks and impacts. Check out the best motorcycle pants for summer reviews and buying guide for the best pair of protective jeans on the market.

Coming off your motorcycle at high speeds is never a fun experience. If you are wearing the wrong gear, however, the experience can become both painful and frustrating. No one wants to be laid up in bed, unable to ride, for months on end due to a nasty case of road rash or potentially broken bones. A high-quality pair of motorcycle pants will help protect your legs from this unwanted fate.

Luckily, motorcycle pants are made from advanced fabrics which come in a whole range of styles so that even though the most style conscious rider can ride with some peace of mind.

The fact of the matter is that there is no excuse nowadays to ride in regular jeans or that unholy creation, shorts. In this guide, we will inform you on how to choose the best motorcycle pants for your specific needs.

So with that, let’s begin.

Things to Consider

Choose the pants the first time around by keeping in mind the following important contributing factors:

  • What Is Your Riding Style? Are you a hardcore motor x rider, do you ride a superbike or are you just a casual “to work and back” rider?
  • The Climate Where You Live. Many products have great added features such as venting and breathable tough fabric to regulate temperature during hot or cold rides.
  • Styles. Are you looking for dedicated riding pants, over pants, casual pants with protective padding?
  • The Degree of Protection Desired. Relates to riding style, but you can never be too safe when it comes to your health and a potential accident right?

The Importance of Fit

Beyond features and construction, the most important part of motorcycle pants is that they fit properly, and this is not the manufacturer’s responsibility, it’s your own. The best motorcycle pants can’t help you if they shift around during a crash or slide, moving pads and armor away from where you need it most.

The key pieces of information to have when shopping for motorcycle pants, especially online, are your true waist size and inseam size. Avoid the temptation to use the size of jeans you wear (or want to believe you wear), and get out a tape measure.

For your waist, take the measurement of the circumference just underneath your belly button, and for your inseam, measure from your heel to the highest point of your crotch. Record them in both inches and centimeters, for ease of reference when shopping both American and Euro/Japanese brands.

Fit and sizing vary between manufacturers and styles, so always make use of the manufacturers sizing chart before placing your order. Motorcycle gear should generally fit snugly, but be comfortable in the riding position. If you’re looking at a style without fit adjustments, such as many riding jeans, its not a bad idea to order two sizes, and return the one you don’t prefer.

Remember, don’t just dress for the ride, dress for the slide!


When shopping for the best motorcycle pants for summer, you’re bound to see certain terminology pop up repeatedly in your search. Here’s a rundown of some terms you should know and understand before making an investment in your gear.

  • Denim: A sturdy, thick cotton twill fabric. Thickness of denim is measured in ounces, based on the weight of one yard (a yard of 14oz. denim weighs 14oz.) Not recommended for motorcycle riding due to low abrasion resistance – but hey, they’re better than shorts, I suppose.
  • Aramid: a class of strong, heat-resistant synthetic fibers, made from spinning special polymers into a solid fiber from a liquid chemical blend.
  • Kevlar: A lightweight synthetic aramid fiber with extremely high tensile strength (5 times stronger than steel.) Well known for its use in body armor, it now has widespread use in motorcycle gear for its abrasion and heat-resistant properties.
  • Ballistic Nylon: A tough, thick synthetic fabric. Used as a protective material in motorcycle gear for its strength and abrasion resistance. Textile gear is often made from ballistic nylon. Measured in denier.
  • Denier: A unit of measure for linear density of fibers. Silk is the standard for this measurement (a single strand of silk is one denier.) Denier refers to weight, not strength, and is the normal unit of measurement for ballistic nylon. Note: fibers less than one denier are called microfibers.
  • Cordura: DuPont’s original brand name for a line of tough fabrics, usually ballistic nylon or a nylon blend.
  • Keprotec: An abrasion resistant synthetic blend fabric made by Swiss company Schoeller. Designed to replicate rub and tear resistance of leather, but with more comfort and breathability. It is a proprietary blend of aramids that includes Cordura and Kevlar.
  • Reactive Armor: Armor that is soft and pliable at rest, but becomes extremely rigid on impact through changes at the molecular level, such as D3O armor (for an awesome video demonstration of how D3O absorbs impact,
  • Hard Armor: Rigid plastic armor used in high-impact areas. Usually layered with softer materials like impact absorbing foam for shock absorption and comfort.
  • CE Rating: A marking that signifies conformity to European standards. Motorcycle armor is considered “CE Rated” when it conforms to EU standards of impact protection. Note: CE rating is a self-certification scheme; conformity is declared by gear manufacturers themselves.
  • Gore-Tex: A line of waterproof, breathable materials made primarily of heated and stretched PTFE. However, the Gore naming convention does not refer to specific materials or technology, but rather to a specific level of performance. Gore-Tex is the premier waterproof membrane, used in all types of all-weather motorcycle gear.


Best under $150 $130
  • Armor at the knees included
  • Big value with low cost
Best women's $149
  • Kevlar lining in impact zones
  • CE armor at the knees
Most popular $200
  • 7x abrasion resistance of denim
  • Advanced breathability
Best premium $280
  • Single layer PolyArylate
  • Athletic cut and intricate details
Best overall $290-$309
  • Cordura denim/nylon blend
  • D3O EVO knee and hip armor


The selection process

Stop by the Firstgearmoto headquarters and you’ll spot plenty of folks wearing motorcycle pants. (If you know what to look for, that is!) Not only do we handle all the newest motorcycle pants as they come out, many gear heads also wear them for their daily rides to work.

That means the testing goes beyond the mandatory on-road stuff. motorcycle pants need to be able to pull double duty as casual pants, and if a particular pair can’t pass that test, well, you sure won’t see them on our riders!

All our miles with motorcycle pants have identified standout options for the entry/basic rider, the people’s choice, the premium gear aficionado, and the standard rider. Let’s start with the most affordable option.


Best motorcycle pants for summer under $150: Kawasaki Textile Pants With Knee Protectors

This pants are great for summer days as well are perfect for colder and winter days, due to removable inside mesh.

Keep the warn inside and they are waterproof and windproof. Also, it is a perfect mach for the Kawasaki jackets available in our collection.

- removable inside mesh that is good on cold days and winter.
- waterproof material
- windproof, due to oxford fabric
- removable knee pads protectors
- all the joints, on the knees and hips have elastic stretch that give more comfort
- waterproof outer layer is composed with 600d oxford cloth, a layer of mesh lining outside.


Best summer motorcycle pants for women: Komine PK-912 Full Year Touring Pants


Large-sized ventilation and breath-ability and more powerful. Fryer completed to increase the degree of adhesion of your knees gripping patches or knee protector protector Asia star, aiming for more comfortable riding touring pants.

Four season riding pants with removable insulated liner and breathable water-proof liner.

-Updated version of PK-901


Most popular motorcycle pants for summer: Komine PK-717 Sports Riding Leather Mesh Pants


Knee slider sports riding a great standard equipment leather mesh pants.

Coordinates can be enjoyed in Design according to the JK-052 Titanium Leather mesh Jacket R Specifications.

In addition to a highly breathable Mesh panel and easy-to-set up during the Accident site or areas of Stress using Leather.


Best premium motorcycle pants for summer: KOMINE PK708 Motorcycle Pants


Composite motorcycle pants Komine PK-712 is one of the best models the brand produces. 

Great quality and modern design, made of polyester, nylon, and leather. Adjustable knee and hip protection (CE)Transpiring waterproof material

The most vulnerable spots are protected with leather insertions Titanium knee-sliders. Light-reflective insertions, Can be attached to a motorcycle jacket with the help of a zipper


Best overall motorcycle pants for summer: KOMINE PK712 Titanium Motorcycle Pants


Composite motorcycle pants Komine PK-712 is one of the best models the brand produces.

Item specifics:

Great quality and modern design
Made of polyester, nylon, and leather
Adjustable knee and hip protection (CE)
Transpiring waterproof material
The most vulnerable spots are protected with leather insertions
Titanium knee-sliders
Light-reflective insertions
Can be attached to a motorcycle jacket with the help of a zipper


Conclusion buying the best motorcycle pants for summer

That wraps up our picks for the Best motorcycle pants for summer. Some you have seen before, and some are new, but our testing has shown these to be the best of what’s available for now.

As one of the hottest categories of motorcycle gear, we expect to see more advancement in the coming years, but why wait?

This is as good as motorcycle jeans have ever been. Use our motorcycle pants sizing and buying guide to help figure our the right pair for you, gear up and get riding!



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