Best Motorcycle Reflective Tape

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Best Motorcycle Reflective Tape

Motorcycle Reflective Tape


Using reflective tape increases the visual footprint of your motorcycle. We recommend putting pieces on the front of your forks and on any piece of your motorcycle that sticks out a good distance from a light source (top of a tall windscreen or the edges of your panniers). Reflective tape won’t do much for you during the daytime, but will act as independent light sources at night and make your motorcycle look like a much larger object. Bonus Points for applying it around your wheel rims, not only does reflective tape make a cool rim stripe, but wheels remain largely unobscured by bodywork or rider when the bike is side-on to a light source, such as at a 90-degree intersection at night.


What is the Best Motorcycle Reflective Tape?

The best motorcycle reflective tape If you go this route, do yourself a favor and buy the CustomTaylor33 off of eBay or Amazon. Single-handedly, the best and most reflective tape I have ever seen or experienced. 10/10 would recommend.


What is a Motorcycle Reflective Tape?

I think that everybody will understand that Motorcycle Reflective Tape is a material that reflects light that shines on the tape. There are, however, two types of reflective tape. A product can be reflective, or retro-reflective. It sounds similar and just one little word can’t make a lot of difference right? Well, it does!


Where Should You Put Your Reflective Stickers

So now that you know what type of sticker you should get, it’s time to talk about the positioning of the reflective material. There are several places you could apply reflective stickers to increase your safety.

Best Reflective Rim Tape on Motorcycles

The rims are the most common spot to apply reflective tape. Reason for this is the fact that it doesn’t just increase safety, but it also looks very nice on many bikes.

Usually, we see this kind of tape on sportbikes, but they can also be used on other types of bikes. It will increase your visibility for drivers who drive up to you on a 90-degree angle.

This kind of motorcycle rim reflective tape is available in many colors like red, blue and green. Just find out what color fits your bike the best.

Reflective Panniers / Saddlebags

Another great spot for reflective decals are the panniers. They stick out and give your motorcycle width. Make sure to stick the reflective material on the back and the sides of your panniers.

The back will increase your visibility for cars approaching from behind. The side is great for cars which will come from the sides.

I personally don’t have any panniers or saddlebags, but I think this is the best spot for reflective material for sure! They have a lot of surface and it will give your motorcycle body at night.hen it comes to retro-reflective material, it is material that reflects light back to its original source. The light goes back to the place it originally came from. I’ve made a little drawing to show you the difference below.

The conclusion to this is that you’ll need a retro-reflective sticker, decal or tape. This material will reflect the light from (for example) a car headlight back to the actual car. This will increase your safety since the person in the car will see the light from your reflector.


Why To Buy a Motorcycle Reflective Tape?

Always make sure you buy retro-reflective material and not just reflective material. Reflective material doesn’t increase your safety at all, it will only make you think you are better visible. This is a huge risk since there is nothing as unsafe as a motorcyclist who thinks he’s been seen!

There are all sorts of stickers and tape for sale online. Retro-reflective stickers can be found in all sorts of colors and shapes. You’ll find a wide variety


More Methods to be More Visible in Traffic

So now you know everything about retro-reflective tape and stickers. But maybe you want to know more about being seen in traffic. Being seen is all about the right appearance and the right position on the road.


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