KTM Pegscratch Evo Jacket Racing Suit Product Review

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KTM Pegscratch Evo Jacket Racing Suit Product Review

There are certain things that people love from their lives. Their vehicles are one of those things that they value and for some people, these vehicles always carries a sentimental value. Especially for those who own bikes.

Bikers always love their bikes regardless of gender and age. When it comes to riding bikes, there are some things that always comes with that. Bike racing suits are one of those things that bikers purchase as soon as they get a bike.

There are so many benefits that you will get by using a racing suit when riding bikes. So because of that almost all the bikers prefer wearing bike racing suits. Taking these factors into consideration, many companies have started to manufacture these racing suits since they have a huge demand in the market.

But when choosing one of these products there are certain factors that you have to consider to pick the best. Not all of these products are of high quality. So wearing those low quality products will lead you to face issues. So it is important to get a high quality racing suit.

As mentioned before, there are certain factors that you should consider when purchasing a bike suit. The brand which the suit belongs to is of the most crucial things that you need to pay attention on.

You should always go for the best and well-known brands in the market when buying any product, because they always deliver the best products. So when it comes to the brands which manufacture racing related products, KTM is always there in the top with the other best brands in the market.

KTM is a brand which has able to build a better reputation in the market with their products and they are in the business for quite some time now. When we consider about the product line up of KTM, KTM Pegscratch Evo Jacket racing suit is of their best products in the racing category and this suit is one of the favorite for most of the bikers out there.

KTM Pegscratch Evo jacket racing suit is manufactured with the best quality materials and it is integrated with so many interesting features.

This racing suit comes with both the jacket and the pant, so that it cover all of your body. One of the main reasons for wearing a racing suit when riding is to be safe. When you are riding bikes, there is a possibility of you to face accidents since bike is an open vehicle.

So if your total body is covered completely, then the possibilities of you getting hurt is minimum. KTM pegscratch evo jacket racing suit covers that point, because you will be enclosed with a robust nylon racing suit.

This racing suit is well designed with the orange and black color combination and it will give an interesting first impression to any person. And it comes in many sizes, so that you can pick the one that fits for you. Following are those sizes.

  • Small (S)
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • X-Large (XL)
  • XX-Large (XXL)
  • XXX-Large (XXXL)


As mentioned before, this racing suit is integrated with so many interesting features which will allow you to benefit in many ways. Following are some of the main and most important features that you will have in KTM pegscratch evo jacket racing suit.

Pegscratch EVO Jacket

KTM Pegscratch Evo Jacket Racing Suit

  • Integrated with PU membrane


This is a very interesting and important feature you have in this racing suit. This PU membrane makes this suit a wind and waterproof one. So that you can ride your bike with comfort through fast winds and rains without any issue. It will prevent you from getting wet and this is one those features which make this racing suit a special one.


  • Removable thermal lining


KTM pegscratch evo jacket racing suit comes with a removable thermal lining which helps you to stay warm in freezing conditions. The importance of this lining is that it is removable. So you can use this jacket under warm conditions without the thermal lining.


  • Removable SAS-TEC protectors


As described before, protection is one of the main factors that we expect from a racing suit. So KTM pegscratch evo jacket comes with SAS-TEC protectors which are attached to shoulders and elbows. With the help of these protectors, you can safeguard your arms even in an accident. You can clean these protectors with ease as they are removable.


  • Pocket for optional SAS-TEC back protector


You will have a pocket in the back to use the optional SAS-TEC back protector. As the name suggest, this can protect you back and it is another useful feature that you will get in this racing suit.


  • Adjustable Comfort collar


You can adjust the collar of the pegscratch EVO jacket, so you can be comfortable while riding.


  • Multiple ventilation zips


When you wear jackets, you will be boiling in the inside since there is no any way to enter the air. That will make you uncomfortable. With the KTM pegscratch evo jacket, you will not face this issue as there are so many ventilation zips which will allow the air to enter.


  • Reflective Panels on sleeves


This is another important and interesting feature that you will get in this jacket. When you ride in the dark, it is important to have reflective material on your bike or in the jacket you wear. This will allow the other vehicles to see you clearly. Taking that factor in to consideration, the KTM designers have included reflective panels in the sleeves of the jacket.


Pegscratch EVO Pants

KTM Pegscratch Evo Pants Racing Suit

The following are some main features that you will have in the Pegscratch EVO pants.


  • Made with robust nylon
  • All-rounds pants breathable feature
  • Integrated with PU membrane which makes the pant wind and waterproof
  • Removable thermal lining
  • Removable SAS-TEC protectors on knees
  • Pockets for optional SAS-TEC hips protector
  • Adjustable waist strap.


These mentioned ones are only a few features that you will have in this racing suit and there are many more features integrated in the suit for an efficient ride. Now you can purchase this racing suit for a reasonable price and it is worth for that price. So do not hesitate to spend some dollars on this great product.

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