Motocross KTM Full Face Helmets Review

Posted by Odain Sheppard on

Motocross KTM Full Face Helmets Review



From “loud pipes save lives” to “those who have crashed and those who will,” motorcyclists often lean on equipment and sayings when discussing our favorite pastime. But when it comes to riding gear, there’s one old adage we don’t use nearly enough: “If you’ve got a ten-dollar head, buy a ten-dollar helmet.”


Yes, quality riding gear costs quality money, but consider what you’re trying to protect. After all, we’re not talking about frame sliders and saddlebag rails here. But while “you get what you pay for” also applies to gear (sorry), you don’t have to break the bank to protect your most valuable commodity. Plenty of great stuff can be had for significantly less than premium prices.


Today i will be reviewing a great helmet by a company called KTM. The KTM Motocross Street Helmet Offical 2018 is very stylish and design wise is fantastic, the premium feel and the quality is what you expect from a brand like KTM it is top notch.


After close inspection of the KTM Motocross Street Helmet Offical 2018, you will find it is a top of the line UVEX Helmet made for KTM. A well made Helmet that rivals Arai and Shoei in it's manufacturing. With nice black suede neck trim and good breathable inside material.


It is plush!! and comes with a good fog/breath guard. The cheek/ear pieces are removable for washing etc..The shield it came with was a little dark, but lighter replacement shields are easy to find! It rides quiet, I put a Star comm1 system in it and I can hear tunes with no interference or street noise to mess with my full duplex mic. It vents well, though I have not worn it in hot temps yet! But it seemed to flow air nicely through the shell.


There are plenty of good Helmets on the market and this one rivals all of them in that same 450-500 dollar price range! Beware before you order, make sure you measure your size correctly and in centimeters.


SHE IS SUPER SHINNY IN PERSON, UNLIKE HOW SHE LOOKS IN THE CATALOG PHOTO, so if your looking for that flat black matte look, this is not it


like the way it feels and looks! and it is a well made piece of safety gear! "Most important"

3, NICE FIT, for me!

1, A little heavier then an Arai, and Shoei
2, Stock shield for me was a little dark, for night riding!

Overall rating 9


If your interested to purchase the KTM Motocross Street Helmet Offical 2018 cost is $130.00 from Firstgearmoto Free worldwide Shipping credit-debit cards and Paypal accepted.


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