Motorcycle Protectors Product Review

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Motorcycle Protectors Product Review

Motorcycle Protectors

The main aim of motorcycle riding gear is protecting the driver. Motorcycle protective clothing consists mainly of the helmet, the motorcycle jacket, leather trousers and boots.

Motorcycle jackets are usually worn for their armor value, which prevents major injuries to the driver in the event of falls or accidents. The jacket was invented in 1946, and it was made famous by Marlon Brando in 'The Wild One.' The leather jacket protects a driver's torso and arms. The motorcycle leather jacket is different from the classic leather jacket, because it is used more as armor than a fashion statement. The motorcycle leather jacket protects the driver from cold, wind and abrasions.

There are two major types of leather motorcycle protective outfits, the colorful single-piece ones predominantly seen on the race track, and the traditional jacket and trouser type. The leather trousers and jackets are generally metal-studded and are preferred by biker gangs.

A common motorcycle leather jacket is zippered, multi-pocketed and has a belted waist. Some leather jackets are made of cowhide. Motorcycle jackets are most useful when they have been fitted with proper armor. For example, most motorcycle jackets have padding just on the shoulders and elbows. A good motorcycle jacket will have padding even on the chest and back. It should be semi-rigid padding, so that it doesn't move with the movement of the driver.

Also, motorcycle leather jackets are available in waterproof leather, which are helpful against the rain, although they don't act as a rain-jacket.

A proper motorcycle leather jacket will have more usable pocket space, better weather protection and adjustability. The leather used in motorcycle jackets should be at least a millimeter thick. The thickness of a jacket decides what kind of protection it allows to the rider. Some of the other features of a motorcycle leather jacket are the slightly dropped back to keep the wind out when the driver leans ahead, and articulated or pre-curved sleeves.

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