REV'IT Abbey Road Motorcycle Gloves Review

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REV'IT Abbey Road Motorcycle Gloves | Gear Review

REV'IT Abbey Road Motorcycle Gloves
This is an extensive review of the REV'IT Abbey Road Gloves, which I've been utilizing as my main riding gloves for around half a year. The Abbey Road Gloves is a piece of REV'IT's Urban arrangement, which is the Company's best budget gloves focused for more style-centered, city/urban riders. Just like its name, the REVIT Abbey Road Gloves are destined to become iconic. The high quality drum dyed goatskin leather and stretch panels ensure comfort and freedom of movement. PWR shield knit is added at the palm for extra protection, and with the adjustment strap at the wrist the gloves can be fitted snugly and securely. Thanks to the connect finger tips any mobile device can be operated without taking the gloves off.


rev'it abbey road gloves


• Outer shell:

•Goatskin drum peered toward with water opposition wrap up

•Connect fingertip texture (for perusing phones)

• Composition:

•Outer shell: 97% Leather, 2% Polyamide, 1% Polyurethane

•Lining: 100% Polyester

• Protection: PWR Shield weave at palm

• Adjustability: Adjustment tie at wrist



Excellent Design

Great Value/Price

Contact screen fingertip texture


Badly arranged Wrist Strap

Constrained Color

Constrained Protection (this truly isn't a worry for me, however despite everything i'm posting it as a negative since it's not the best security gloves)

rev'it abbey road gloves



As I referenced in the presentation, the Abbey Road Gloves are a piece of REV'IT's Urban arrangement, which is an accumulation of gear focused for design cognizant riders and incorporates each scope of gears from jackets, pants, boots, to gloves. The Urban arrangement is the thing that I adore the most about REV'IT on the grounds that I'm actually the rider who cherishes and tries to wear gear without bargaining looks. So in case you're similar to me, ensure you to go check our their Urban arrangement.

My most loved thing about the Abbey Road Glove is the structure. The gloves come in stealthy dark (used to come in tan also however as of now not accessible), and is complemented by three particular sewing lines on the rear of the gloves, for example parallel, opposite and inclining. The streaming sleeve wrap on the wrist gives an extremely tasteful look to the gloves. I particularly love that there aren't any substantial detectable brand logos on the gloves (there is a black out carved REV'IT logo, which is scarcely obvious).


rev'it abbey road gloves



The Abbey Road Gloves are flawless riding gloves for spring/fall seasons and the gloves need protection, so chilly winter use would be impossible (despite the fact that you could utilize it for short separation city riding). I got my gloves last September, so it's been the ideal fall/harvest time gloves for me. I wouldn't wear this for winter motorcycle riding; in any case, I have been wearing them for my work drive on my bike ordinarily (through winter) and it's been ideal for that. The Company markets this as a mid year gloves, however I could see this dark cowhide gloves getting excessively warm for summer-urban riding (I figure it would be useful for long distance riding in summer).

One factor that sets this item back (by a great deal) are its wrist straps. Despite the fact that the gloves have coordinated flexible band on the base side of the gloves, it likewise accompany cowhide wrist ties that circles around a metal ring and affix by means of velcro. The BIG issue with this component is that the straps are excessively short, which make it simple to drop out the ring/circle. The straps effectively hauls out of the ring/circle when you pull your gloves over your hands, and it's practically difficult to circle it back-in with your gloves on. So regularly, I'll need to expel my gloves, circle the straps back in, at that point set the gloves back-on cautiously. This has been a HUGE burden in utilizing the gloves and if not for this issue, these gloves would have been flawless.

The gloves accompany associate fingertip texture on the tip of the thumb and forefingers. The interface fingertip has been explicitly intended to work with touch screens, which enables you to answer your telephone or look into route, take pictures and so on, without taking your gloves off. This has been extremely a valuable usefulness to have, on the grounds that I like to take a great deal of pictures in the middle of rides.


rev'it abbey road gloves



Great looks frequently accompany security trade offs and the Abbey Road Gloves are no exemption. Regardless of the trade off, the gloves still element some insurance, incorporating extra layer in the top piece of the finger and the palm area is weaved with PWR shield.

"PWR | shield was created by REV'IT R&D to give superb cut, tear and scraped spot opposition. It is made through an exceptional weaving system which consolidates polyethylene/polyamide and aramid strands bringing about a texture with astonishing scraped spot obstruction. At the point when layered with Cordura denim, as found on numerous REV'IT! pants, the defensive characteristics equal that of calfskin." – REV'IT


rev'it abbey road gloves



Gloves retail for $100 (USD), yet is as of now on markdown for $80 USD, which is an extraordinary incentive for incredible quality cowhide gloves. The cowhide is goatskin, yet despite everything it feels extraordinary and the polyester lining is truly agreeable. They are made in China, which truly doesn't debases the quality a bit, as the sewing and the development are exceptionally strong. At the cost, I think the general estimation of the gloves are entirely sensible for what you get.


rev'it abbey road gloves



I truly love each angle about these gloves expect for the one major issue, the wrist lash bother. I sincerely would have given this an extraordinary to-consummate rating based its delightful structure and truly sensible cost for what you get, including the touch screen usefulness; anyway on account of the one set back, the wrist tie (ugh), I will need to give the Abbey Road Gloves an AVERAGE (something like a 7/10) rating.


You can Purchase these gloves from these gloves are hard to find and they have them in stock at a very good price.

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