News and Reviews Section — Furygan AFS 10 Leather Gloves Review

Furygan AFS 10 Leather Gloves Review

Posted by Odain Sheppard on

Furygan AFS 10 Leather Gloves Review

The first thing that struck me about these gloves was that for all-season gloves, they seemed very light. They really don’t look much bigger than many summer gloves, so I was curious to see how they fared against some of the bulkier gloves I’ve tested recently. And I must say they have a high-quality appearance and feel.

The first thing to notice when slipping your hand in for the first time was how soft and plush the interior is, they have a faux fur lining that wraps around your wrist making them snug and comfortable to wear.

They have a tiny amount of room at the end of the finger but not so much that using the bikes controls is clumsy.I have always found the bulky nature of them normally inhibits my movement making me feel like I could lose grip of the bars.

Thankfully the Sparrow gloves only felt insecure in this way for about 10 miles. I think the palm area (a mixture of suede, neoprene and leather) needed to bed in. Now the gloves are as steadfast on the bars as a set of full leather summer gloves.

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