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Rev'it Tornado Jacket and Pants Review

Posted by Kwesi Sheppard on

Rev'it Tornado Jacket and Pants Review
The Rev'it Tornado Jacket and Pants has a useful collar snap that adjusts to allow for extra layers around your neck. The main zipper is small, and although not a problem to zip up, it seemed more delicate than the heftier zippers in other jackets I have used The Velcro adjusters on the sleeve cuffs don’t adjust, they just close the zippered portion of the cuff.

The Rev'it Tornado Jacket and Pants pockets are mesh, great for air-flow, not so much for waterproofing your jacket contents. They are small, and only good for keys, ear plugs and a card. You can’t stick a pair of gloves in them, or even one glove for that matter.

The pants pockets, again, aren’t waterproof, and are difficult to get your hand into without scratching the back of your hand as the pockets are tight, even though the fit is loose on me.

The cinching straps on the jacket and pants loosen while riding. Air catches under the back tab of the jacket and raises it up; again, great for hot days, not so good for cold. To my surprise, the pant liners are 100 per cent waterproof. The liners zip in at the top, with a fold at the slide closure, and a small snap to keep it in place.

The bottoms of the liner also zip to the bottom of the pants. At first I thought this was odd, and I wanted to tuck the liner into my boots, thinking this would be better to keep water out of my boots. In reality, the zippers kept the rain from getting in, partly due to the thickness of the liner keeping it snug against my boot.

My boots let in a bit of water at the toe, but other than that I was dry. In rain, my sleeves ended up wet half-way up my elbows due to rain sliding down my arm and getting in under my gauntlet gloves, then wicking up my sleeve.

The next rain storm I tried putting my gloves under the jacket, but they didn’t stay; the jacket sleeves pulled out within the first 10 minutes of riding. I think a better closure system on the cuffs would solve this rain issue.

Even better, if the liner had a thumb hole, so it tucked in under your gloves, and the jacket fastened over the gloves, the rain would have no way to get in. Size-wise I believe I could have gotten a medium size without sacrificing any comfort.

I tend to go larger to make sure the sleeves are long enough, but I might be over-thinking it. A smaller size would have tighter wrists and more fitted arms and body, thus preventing some of the wind-lift on the waist of the jacket, and perhaps positioning the armour more stably in the elbows.

It may also help keep rain from wicking up the waist and into the sleeves. Next time I’ll go with a snugger fit. The Rev'it Tornado Jacket and Pants pants were a joy to wear, as the knee armour was adjustable to fit my proportions, and long enough to provide good coverage over my boots in the riding position. In my experience, this is hard to find. Again, I think I could have gone with a smaller size in the “long” inseam and been quite comfortable.
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