News and Reviews Section — Suzuki Motorcycle Textile Oxford Jacket Review

Suzuki Motorcycle Textile Oxford Jacket Review

Posted by Odain Sheppard on

Suzuki Motorcycle Textile Oxford Jacket Review

For the Spring/Summer collection, Suzuki designers took the popular Suzuki Motorcycle Textile Oxford Jacket design and gave it a fashion makeover. The result? An industry first that blends the lines between city streets and rugged adventure terrain.

This crossover piece combines all the functionality of its adventure namesake with the polish of the Suzuki Motorcycle Textile Oxford Jacket Tailored Technology collection, for an entirely new segment of riding gear.

The materials on the Suzuki Motorcycle Textile Oxford Jacket deliver the right amount of abrasion resistance, at the right level of style. A textile outer shell is reinforced with heavy-duty polyester oxford material at the impact zones, for a look that harkens back to the early days of motorcycling, but offers modern-day protection. Tone-on-tone coloring provides an air of army-like utility, for a total package that’s just at home in the city as it is in the dirt.

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