Yamaha 50th Anniversary Jacket Review

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Yamaha 50th Anniversary Jacket Review


yamaha 50th anniversary jacket

2018 is the 50th anniversary of Yamaha, well there are many limited edition products designed especially for this year. One of these products is a special Yamaha jacket that comes in two colors, white and yellow. Unlike many of the products that the Yamaha 50th Anniversary line has, this jacket is meant to be both a show piece and be worn daily.

The Design of 50th anniversary Yamaha Jacket

yamaha 50th anniversary jacket

The design of the Yamaha 50th Anniversary jacket is very similar to other jackets from Yamaha. There is a special 50th-anniversary logo on the front of the jacket. Like other Yamaha jackets, there is a vertical strip on both the body and the arms of the jacket.

On both colors of the Yamaha 50th Anniversary jacket, there is a lot of black detailing. The white version has some red, whereas the yellow one only features black. There are two pockets on the front of this Yamaha jacket that are zippered.

You can easily store your phone and wallet in these pockets if you have to. The waist is elastic, which pulls the jacket close to the body even when it is not zipped up. This is not a common design element of Yamaha jackets today. However, it was popular in the past, which could be why it was added to the Yamaha 50th Anniversary jacket.




 The protection that is offered by the jacket is complete upper body protection. There are protectors for the back, shoulders, and elbows. The protectors are not removable, which does make them more durable.

This does make replacing the protectors difficult, as you need the whole protector removed. The style of protectors does make this Yamaha jacket better for daily riders.

The protectors can make the jacket uncomfortable at times for daily wear, especially if you are not used to wearing a riding jacket with full protection. However, the discomfort does stop after a few days as you get used to the extra weight and the padding. 


Should You Buy This Yamaha Jacket? 


If you are wondering if you should buy the Yamaha 50th anniversary jacket, you should. It is a great option for an everyday riding jacket or as a show piece. This style of jacket is not as common anymore because most brands have moved away from elastic waistbands and simply designed jackets.

The five protectors in the Yamaha 50th anniversary are not removable, which can make the jacket uncomfortable at times. The protectors are important especially when you are riding.

The bright white and yellow coloring of the Yamaha jacket stands out even during the night. The jacket is windproof and breathable, so it is conformable to wear while riding and for everyday wear. This is an excellent option for a Yamaha jacket.

Want to purchase the Yamaha 50th Anniversary Jacket the cost is $100 with free worldwide shipping

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